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zoom one basic plus


I had recently availed of upgrading to zoom one basic plus, which supposedly entitles me to 4 meetings a month that can go beyond the 40 min time limit.


Whenever I arrange a meeting, I am only given up to 40 minutes.


However, I can't seem to avail of it despite it showing that I can in my profile. I wanted to know how I can avail of this considering I am already charged of the additional fees. 


Thank you. 



I am having the same issue and would appreciate an answer from Zoom.


Same issue here.  I upgraded to Basic Plus.  Very embarrassing to host a meeting that is cut off unexpectedly.   

I think I figured it out (although have not tested it because I do not want to waste one of my 4 sessions).  Looks like I need to click on the "Extend" button (very small button that I did not see until later) in the upper left corner of interface DURING the zoom call.  Not before. Not after.  During. Okay. 

Hey, did you test your theory? Can you provide a screenshot? Is it working with scheduled meetings as well?

Thank you for sharing, I don't see this button. if you could send a screenshot that would be wonderful!

Pretty sure even Zoom can't get it to work. I requested a refund, which they initially refused, but when I asked them to at least explain how to use the service I'd paid for, they quickly refunded the charge. 

Thanks for the heads up. I will cancel the service of course if they can't make it work. Too bad!

I have the same issue, how to contact Zoom, can you please explain?

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Greetings, folks. 

Do you have a Zoom Pricing page that discusses “Zoom Basic Plus”?  I’ve never seen this before. 

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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I'm having the exact same issue. I got a message saying upgrade to 5.15.5 version or higher. I upgraded to the latest version which is higher than 5.15.5.  I still do not get the option to extend my meeting when hitting the 40 minute mark. Attempts to get help on support are ineffective and searches for online technical support for this plan do not exist. Has anyone else had any luck?


I have used the extensions twice now.  It is a small button which appears in the top left corner (desktop) once the meeting is started.  I think you have to wait until you are in the meeting in order to use the extension. 

You can only use one extension per  meeting - however, if you go out and click on the same meeting link again, it will allow you to use another extension.  

I’m so glad it’s working for you!! I have not had such luck. The button does not show up for me even when I am in a meeting and I have looked very hard for it. May I ask what platform is being used for your meetings? I’ve tried unsuccessfully on a Mac laptop, an apple phone, and a microsoft tablet. Thanks so much!

I'm using the Chrome browser on a windows desktop.  



Figured out the issue - go to user management and make sure your zoom basic plus license is assigned to your account ID and not another designated user or admin on your account. Apparently you can assign the license to other users and buy more than one license per account. 


Same issue, bsfzoom1 's solution didn't work for me as I am the only user on my account.

I have tried Firefox, chrome and app on both Linux and windows, and app on Android and I haven't found the button to extend a meeting while within it.