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sales team cheated with 12 term contract



for the last 1 year i was using zoom paid service, i opted for monthly service for all these time. after a break when i did renewal i contacted sales person to whom i asked for the same monthly basis service. but she generated the agreement with 12 month term contract on monthly payment option, which i have signed without noticing the term contract because nothing was discussed about the conract to me by the sales associate, and as i have signed so many times before for my renewals, i though this agreement also would be same, i believed the sales person, but for her commission she cheated me and now giving very cool response, you have signed the agreement so you need to take it up, no consideration for the customers. now when i wanted to cancel the subscription, i was informed by the team they cannot cancel the subscription, i have to take up for 12 months. but i have no requirement for another 11 months, then why should i pay... everywhere they mention you can cancel the subscription anytime but cheating with the hidden contract.. past 7-8 days i made more than 100 calls to the billing department and more than 100 mails to all the members whoever i could contact.. all are irresponsible in helping me. simply they wanted to take money from me, its about 3 lakhs. what justice zoom shows for their customers. i have requested so many times for the wwithdrawal of contract, they are ready to change the plan for the same cost but not to help the customers who were literally cheated by the sales team.

when i wanted for renewal i was called immediately by the team, but when i raise some issues i was completely ignored, no one is looking at my issue

i have the hstory of invoice for the last 1 year how i paid, looking at the history of my payment also they are not considering my request .... someone form this community please help me out... 



Hi @Gajalakshmi and thank you very much for taking the time to let us know what happened with your billing agreement. I see that one of our Billing Agents has been working with you to resolve this via email and ensure that your refund is processed. Please watch out for a response for him via email soon.


Thank you,

Virginia (she/her/hers)
Zoom Community Team
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