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"Turn off" OTP authentification is grayed out


I am the owner of my Zoom Pro account. I was able to turn on 2FA today because OTP doesn't work for me. 1st of all, the Zoom verfication emails are no longer reaching me, which is another problem. Do I have to create a 2nd discussion about this issue to figure out how to receive the emails? I receive emails from everyone else just fine. 


Today I was able to turn on 2FA and set it up for SMS authentification which should work for me. However, I am unable to turn OTP off because "turn off" which is beside it is grayed out. It is not clickable. How can I turn OTP off when I can't click "turn off"?


A side comment: I had a horrific experience with Zoom support this week while trying to resolve this issue while I was traveling.I was unable to log in to Zoom at all because of it. I never received the email that was supposedly sent to me so I could approve tech support resolving this issue for me. I had to wait until I came home so I could access my account and do it myself. If I wasn't returning home this week by today, clients would have missed two zoom meeting from me because I couldn't get into my account. I'm helping people who have long Covid in one of the meetings. Zoom support is honestly worthless in my experience.