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Re: No 2-factor authentification, but I can only login with a code


I have a similar problem....  But in a bizarre fashion. 

I cannot sign-in to Zoom. Last time I did sign-in, I got a message; it said that I needed to set this up on my desktop Mac. I thought the request was from on e of those groups; turns out it was not
The request was from ZOOM.US
So I got my cell phone and used the Camera to scan the QR code on screen.
But I didn’t have a 2FA app tied into it.
Yet somehow two factor authorization is set up, oddly.

The request to set up 2FA came from Zoom; not from any admin’s of the handful of groups I Zoom with.

As I read the “Help Documents” it refers to an Admin to reset a user’s 2FA; an admin I am not; I do have admin rights complete on my desktop and cellphone. SO……

How can I get ZOOM to reset my 2FA
so I can start over again and set it up properly?
I did receive those 10 recovery codes; I’ve used 3 now, trying to get things corrected.
I have now installed a Google 2FA app on my iPhone