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Urgent - can't cancel webinar add-on subscription


We have a running contract with Zoom for meeting and webinar licenses.


I am posting here because my ticket has not been even responded to by Zoom support which is unexpected and disappointing.


As part of the package we have got 2 webinar licenses (500 users). Recently we had an urgent requirement of 1000 users licenses so we upgraded them to 1000 using our credit card. Now we want to downgrade them to the OG 500 users but I can't do it from my admin account (billing section).  It displays a message "You are not able to make this change to your account mid-contract. To contact our team, please use this form."


I have filled the form but no-one has responded, I logged a case using support option but it is also open and no response.


This is an urgent need as the card will be charged for 1000 users webinar on 1st June if it is not cancelled/downgraded to OG 500 users. Can someone help please?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @Postmaster welcome to the community!  I see you've opened a ticket with our customer service team! Recommend that you continue to seek assistance from our internal teams in order to best resolve your issue, as they can dig deeper into your account and resolve this for you. Thanks! 

Zoom Community Moderator

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Were you able to get this resolved?  I am having a similar issue and Zoom is NOT allowing me to cancel.  They are keeping me in contract and refusing to make adjustments.  Since when are you not allowed to adjust your subscription??


Not at all. Despite logging a case and requesting the support person multiple times, nothing has happened. Finally, the renewal date passed by so the credit card was charged for a plan which I do not want. I again messaged the support team and my account manager but there is a radio silence since then.


This is a ridiculous situation, mind you I am not asking them to cancel the subscription but only to downgrade it to the original plan. It is shocking that Zoom has such draconian and anti-consumer rules.


Hope you get a better outcome.