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Restricting Webinar Attendees Ability to Cancel and Refund their Registration Fee


I host a paid webinar every couple of months for up to 250 paid attendees. Zoom Webinars allows participants to cancel at any point, including DURING the webinar, and receive a refund, despite them agreeing that there is a no-refund policy when they register.

I just received the registration emails for the first time and see that there is a line on the email "You can cancel your registration at any time." - so now I know how they can do it.

This has become costly for me as I end up eating the paypal fees when they cancel, which is around $5 a person.

I wish Zoom would add a similar feature as they seem to have for Events to Webinars. I do not want to move over to Events, but may need to change platforms if they are not able to prevent people from cancelling webinar registrations. Any workarounds for this??

THanks in advance.