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Request: Provide Comprehensive List of Features that Require Zoom Support's Enablement

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Over the years, we've found several extremely helpful features in the Zoom platform that are not exposed by default. The only way to find out about these is by combing KB articles and looking for fine-print that specifies the features must manually be enabled by request.


Some examples:





Even HD video ("Group HD" at the time) was previously request-only (this one appeared to be an attempt to limit bandwidth from customers wherever possible).


First off, um... why? The admin portal is already [or should ideally be] a place where people shouldn't be poking around - proceeding at one's own risk is part of the admin's inherent responsibility. With this in mind, the restriction can't/shouldn't be a childproof lock. What exactly is to be gained by limiting default administrative features that don't require additional licensing? Why is one feature considered more 'need-to-know' than the hundreds of others that we have at our disposal by default?


While we might not be able to do away with the feature enablement request process entirely, one small courtesy that we can request of Zoom is to comprehensively list all features that can be manually enabled on the back-end by request, as to simplify the process. Please write to your support teams if this is something that interests/affects you and your users!!