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RE: Misleading Renewal Notification Led Me to Renew Incorrectly


On January 15, 2024, I decided to cancel my monthly plan as the promotional period had ended, and I was contemplating switching to the annual plan. However, upon the expiration of my plan, I received a renewal message prompting me to renew. The message advertised a rate of USD 8 for each subscription period until cancellation. Enticed by what seemed like a favorable offer, I proceeded to renew, only to be charged USD 16. Immediately realizing the discrepancy, I cancelled the plan and engaged with support three times, each session lasting 90 minutes. Unfortunately, the support team disregarded the renewal message displayed on the Zoom platform and maintained the erroneous charge.

This experience was highly disappointing and reflects poorly on Zoom. I have decided to discontinue using Zoom after this incident. While they may retain the money, the reputational cost will likely surpass the financial loss.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



I'm sorry for this experience. I don't fully understand the exact issue you're explaining, and I recommend that you contact Zoom Billing for assistance. They will need to access your account to determine the issue.