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Plans and Pricing


I need Zoom for about an hour or two once or twice a month. I do not need all the features of the Pro plan or to spend $12 a month.  Can you think about offering a $4.99 personal plan that gives us the same parameters as the free plan, but with longer meeting times for two people?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @lamula 


The Basic (free) plan does provide unlimited one-on-one meetings. Three or more participants is limited to 40 minutes.


You can just restart a 40 minute meeting though, and get another 40 minutes, and so on.


As for a personal plan, as you suggest, you may want to also post your comments in the Zoom feedback form. The Community isn't necessarily monitored for direct feedback to Zoom.



Thanks Rupert, good to know! I thought I was limited to 40 minutes for one-on-one. I never have more than two other participants so this will work! 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Participants in this case includes you.


So you can have you + participant unlimited (one-on-one) but you + two participants would be limited to 40 minutes.

Hi. Im having limited 40 minutes on my one to one meetings also with my basic plan. Why is that? Can you give me a solution? 


Thank you