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One-Time Passcode never received at Login


My main account for Work isn't receiving the One-Time Passcode. Is anyone having this issue? 

I'm trying to renew subscription.


It's not an issue with my inbox, and it is not showing up in spam. The account I'm logged in right now has no issues either. Just my main work account. 

Checked Spam, Email, settings etc - no issues. 
Tried to log into Zoom Application, never receive passcode.

Used Phone Application, no passcode received. 
Tried to log into Zoom Community with said account, no passcode received. 
Attempted multiple browsers and devices just in case, never received a passcode. 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



If you are not receiving the OTP emails in your inbox, search your spam folder as sometimes the emails end up there. Learn more about troubleshooting issues related to not receiving emails from Zoom.


If none of those steps resolve the issue, submit a request to Zoom Support.