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Master / Sub-Account Questions

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I’ve been looking for someone who can answer questions about Master/Sub-Accounts.


I have a collection of associates — not employees, but other small business owners – who each has a Pro account, but collectively we would be 10 or more paid accounts, able (I hope)  to be a Business Account. It would be important for each small business to retain its own current accounts during the transition.


I would operate the Master Account as the manager of the collective group, and each Sub-Account writing be managed by their respective business owner.


 Zoom Support articles discuss the syntactic tasks of creating the Master and Sub-Account structures – the detailed process of creating them. What I can’t find are semantic discussions – the pros and cons of various situations, use cases that work and those that don’t, etc.


Are you a master of Master/Sub-Account knowledge?  I’d appreciate the opportunity to discuss the details of my plan, and your guidance in the best way to provide the best operational approach for my associates. 

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Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer


I manage sub-accounts under an enterprise plan.

I do not know if sub-accounts are available for business plans.

Sub-accounts are identical to main accounts except for some administrative functions.

I use sub-accounts for the purpose of testing new features, configuration changes, etc.

I have 5 licenses allocated for testing, but they are allocated Enterprise licenses. This means I can use 500 meetings, 500 webinars, translated subtitles feature, etc.


I am not sure about the business plan agreement,

Note that you may need to review the resale provisions of your license agreement.