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Erroneous payment taken - please rectify


Hello Team,

I was sent an email today saying that my payment had been processed. However, I cancelled my subscription in January and now only have a free account. Because of this, I DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO SUPPORT TICKET OR LIVE CHAT so I cannot speak to anyone to ensure that money is not taken from my card. This is causing me great distress. Please, please contact me to sort out this issue. I have tried to contact you multiple times through email, ChatBot and even feedback. Even though it says all members (even free) have full access to billing support, that menu just directs me back to “support” to which I have no access. 
I would greatly appreciate your attention on this as I cancelled my subscription in the first place due to financial constraints. 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @LC23 


I recommend going directly here to submit a ticket for our Billing team to assist. They will need to access your account to investigate.