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Entering a credit card


When signing up earlier, I had to enter my credit card info, and it said I would not be charged. Was this correct because I did so?
Then I was instantly messaged by my credit card company that a $39.99 charge was made, and did I authorize it? I said no, and the card was shut down. I was able to find the company that made the charge,, and they had customer service bots ready to assist. It told me the the charge was for a streaming service, which I did NOT authorized, and the subscription was canceled. That word, "subscription" grabbed my attention. When I entered the credit card to join Zoom was it was subscription I entered, as well?
The whole thing is kind of fishy to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @echoughton 


If you suspect fraudulent activity, please refer to the following Zoom Support articles:

Fraud resources from the FTC:

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