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Cant access my paid Zoom Account


No one from Zoom is responding to my ticket number from Zoom Support to solve a technical problem.  The email address (user name) is the wrong username email address and it actually does not exist.  I have paid for a 1 year Zoom subscription with this email address but it does not exist.  A mistake was made some where along the line - I do not know but it needs to be fixed.  Via the Zoom support chat the issue was found and I was given a ticket number but no one has fixed the problem and It has been over a week.  A Zoom meeting with my paid subscription has not worked for me since I purchased the product and that was July 2022.  In August 2022 I contacted Zoom to let them know it was not working  and they said it was working but it was not.  It has been over a week since I was issued a ticket number from the support team  and the problem is still not fixed.  How do I contact Zoom?????  I log in but I Log in with my basic account I am unable to get support - because the account I have paid for is not working.  Help me..  


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @AR108 i have found your ticket internally and flagged this for an update as I suggest you continue to get support within the ticket as our Zoom support team has the tools to get this resolved for you. Thanks! 


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I am having a similar problem. It seems I provided (accidentally) an incorrect email address and cannot access my zoom account now or get any kind of rational response from chatbot. I don't recall giving an incorrect email address, but I haven't received any verification that I paid for the service despite my bank showing the money was taken out. My password is not being recognised and I keep receiving a message from Zoom that my email address is not recognised. This is deeply frustrating.