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Cannot Cancel Subscription



I receive invoices to a particular email address every month, and I would like to cancel that subscription.  However, when I log in with the email on the invoice, it is showing that I have the free tier, with no prior invoices.  I have had a very hard time finding anywhere just to submit a ticket to get this resolved, and frankly, my experience so far has been atrocious.  Can someone please contact me to get this resolved?


Hi Russ,

I have almost the exact same problem, and I have noticed that no one---like NO ONE has answered your questions, nor many other questions about canceling Zoom.  Interestingly, when I go to follow the links they themselves say to follow to cancel my account, it does not work.  TIME TO SUE ZOOM???


I agree with suing them because I have been getting charged for months and months now -- over a year! And I cannot find the actual way to cancel my subscription (vs. being told how to get there only to find... no actual way to just cancel the subscription). I am shocked that a successful and popular company like Zoom would pull such shadiness! That is pure shade! Sounds like a viable lawsuit to me! I wonder how many people they've scammed and how much money they've gotten out of it so far. 

#suezoom #cancelsubscription #zoomisascam

#zoomisgetting sued #zoomsucks