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Access to my own account


I have a ZOOM PRO account, using Version: 5.16.10 (26186) and wanted to change some settings, but was asked to contact the account admin to ask for permission. On further investigation with the useless zoom bot and after rounds and rounds of asking questions that were not answered, I found out that my account is a "null account type", but the bot couldn't give me any further information on this. (It was only referring me to deactivated accounts, which has nothing to do with my situation as I am using and paying for my zoom regularly.)

I have no idea, what a "null account" is and why I have only a limited use of my own account as I am the only person using this! The only thing that I could imagine is that there is a mix up in zoom's admin as I have had another account previously with another email. They might have added this account to the original one, but there is no way how I could find that out as the bot has no clue and the there is no way to get to a human.
(What a frustrating experience! And I am quite a troubleshooter! I wonder what do people do that have not tech gene in them when they encounter a zoom issue!?)
Any ideas? Grateful for your help


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Sorry you’re having issues. I think the text you’re referring to “Contact your account Admin” is intended for users on a large, organizational account. If you have your own, individual Pro account, you are the Admin. You may need to change the Account-level settings in Admin -> Account Management -> Account Settings. These are still in place, just in case you expand the number of users on your account. 

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