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Question about in-person Zoomtopia app


Hello team,

I've read on the event page that an app for in-person attendees will be available. Before making a final decision about getting a ticket, our management wants to know if there's a b2b matchmaking on the app or in any other form.

I also was not able to find any info about a list of attending companies of participants - I know several conferences provide these in various forms, so is it possible to receive one for this or any previous events?


Thank you very much!



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @P-M , we hope that you can join us for Zoomtopia! There will not be B2B matchmaking on the mobile app and we are unable to share a list of participants, but we highly encourage networking with the other attendees in-person when you are at the event 🙂 

Where might I download the on site attendee mobile app? i cannot locate it in the app store.