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Names of participants are messed up (not in-line) in Zoom Breakout Rooms control window


Can anyone help me with this issue? I manage about 20+ breakout rooms on Zoom for our students, and I'm having this issue. It started about 2 months ago, and I kept hoping it would get fixed when the app got updated, but it hasn't. So I'm guessing it's not an app problem, but I'm not sure. After this issue appeared, it's been hard to move participants around different breakout rooms based on their levels because I can't see who is with who. I'm attaching the picture so you can see what the problem is. BTW. I had to cover my students' and teachers' names. The participant names should appear like the ones in green square right? But as you can see, their names are not in line, and some names even completely disappear from the list too, like the one ii marked with a purple arrow. Now, some of you might say I could use the Participants tab instead of Rooms, but when I only have about 2–5 minutes to place teachers and their students (about 40+ people) in their breakout rooms based on their level, for example, of reading, the participants tab doesn't help me to do that fast. Plus, when I need to double students who are on the same level, the participant tab takes too long to find who is with whom in which breakout room. Also expanding and not expanding the control window doesn't help either as you can see on the picture.





Having same issue here.  Help please!

By any chance you use Mac? Thinking about it now, mine started happening after I upgraded to MacOS Ventura. I could be wrong tho because its been updated several time since and this Zoom issue is still not fixed.