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redirect to YouTube live streaming when meeting maxed


I have set up the advanced management on my pro ZOOM account to enable live streaming on YouTube.   YouTube is verified.  I tested it today and it worked fine..  Questions.

1.  When the meeting has maxed out (100 people) how do I notify the guests who did not get in?  Will they  automatically be directed to the Live Streaming or do I need to do something?  Give them the link?  Will they be in the waiting room? 

2.  This is not a public event.  People registered for it.  Should I Live Stream public, unlisted or private?  I thought (with YouTube videos) private YouTube required each email address for access and unlisted required a specific link.  Is this the same with Live Streaming?

3.  After our presentation, the speaker has a QA.  I understand that Live Streaming is 20 second delayed.  Does anyone have a suggestion of how they can post/ask questions?

4.  Is the Live Streaming recorded? 


Thanks so much.  Our event is tomorrow.  


 I understand the live streaming is 20 seconds behind.  


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @scjgsociety 

  1. Unfortunately, redirecting participants to the live stream is not available for meetings (but is for webinars). Once the meeting hits capacity, they will just be told as much. I would recommend letting your potential viewers know where to find the live stream if they cannot join the live meeting. 
  2. I believe live streaming is handled the same way, but am not 100% sure. I would suggest unlisted and just send the link to your registrants ahead of time. This can be done if you configure a custom live stream with YT, which allows you to set the live streaming link ahead of time. 
  3. Since the connection between Zoom and YT is one-way, a co-host or someone will need to keep an eye on the live stream chat to provide questions to the presenters. 
  4. Typically the live stream is not recorded, but you might be able to adjust settings on the YT side to accomplish that.