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Zoom Keeps Hanging Up, Bluetooth Earbuds


I have permission to use Bluetooth earbuds at work in certain situations, but the stupid earbuds that I am approved to use have touch controls on them (tap the earbud and it gets louder, softer, hangs up, etc.). I do not do well with earbuds, and I keep having problems where they fall out or are about to fall out, so I adjust them to catch them or put them back in my ear, and the next thing I know my earbuds have hung up on the call. This is particularly a problem with a weekly call with a Waiting Room and a Host that only checks the Waiting Room maybe once every 20 minutes. I spend way more time in the Waiting Room right now than I do on the actual call.

I can't de-active the earbud controls on my iPhone. I researched that option pretty thoroughly. However, one day at work I swear I found a forum where they were discussing settings in Zoom where I could shut off Zoom recognizing earbud settings, or at least the hang up setting. I was at work when I found it and thought it would be easy to find again, but I have been looking for months now and can't find it. Is this a thing? If so, how do I do it?