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Whenever I create a meeting and send a copy of the Invite, we never end up in the same room.


So I go into Zoom,, create a meeting for two days in the future, for example.  I then copy the invitation and send that invitation to the client.    Then, when its time for the meeting, I'll go hit "Start" in my meeting and then I'll get an email that says 'Client has entered your meeting room."  Well, that can't be becasue I'm in the meeting room waiting for the client and they aren't there.  I have to EXIT the meeting I'm in, that I  entered using the exact same link that I sent to the client, then go to the email I just recieved about "Client entering meeting room" and hit the 'Start the Meeting" blue button and then we're all in the same meeting.    Why can't I just start my meeting a few minutes early and have the client join in using the link I sent?