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Urgent Request: Unblocking Internet Service Provider (ISP) IPs


Hello, we are an ISP in Peru. We are experiencing difficulties with some of our customers not being able to access their Zoom services, and we have identified that our IP addresses and appear to be blocked on their platform.

We understand that security and data protection policies are essential to guarantee optimal service for all users. However, we want to highlight that any anomalous or unwanted activity coming from our IP addresses does not reflect the general behavior of our customers. We are working hard to ensure our network is secure and reliable.


Since many of our clients depend on Zoom for their daily activities, whether work meetings, webinars, online classes, among others; It is of utmost importance for us to resolve this issue as soon as possible.


Due to the above, we urgently request the review and, if possible, the unblocking of the mentioned IP addresses. Since we have more than 500 subscribers requesting access, we are willing to collaborate in any verification or clarification process that is required to resolve this situation.


We thank you in advance for your quick response and understanding. We hope to be able to resolve this situation for the benefit of our mutual clients.