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Uploaded videos smaller than 30mb still turn into downloads


According to the Tutorial video at this link (at 3 minutes into that video), any video file you upload to a Chat , which is less than 30mb in size, should show up as embedded inside the chat for playing right there.


But that is not what we see.

I have uploaded a 2mb MP4 video, which I made with Zoom Clips actually.

I used the File Upload to post it to the chat room.


When anyone clicks the video in the chat, it makes them download it.

Then they have to go browse to it.

Then double click it just so they can watch it.


Has zoom changed this condition for chat rooms now? The tutorial is wrong?



I have tried 3 other videos, and all 3 have also just turned into files that the person has to download in order to play them. All three of those are less than 10mb in size.  I cannot find any information that says Videos have to


- be of a specific file type,

- a maximum data rate of some kind for the encoding

- a specific video resolution


... an uploaded video to appear as an embedded playable file inside the chat. Has anyone been able to make this work in your chat channels ?


Ok this is very weird - when I uploaded a 2mb video file to myself - to that chat channel of your own account name, it did make it into an Embedded video that plays right inside the chat channel.


Why is this not working for a Channel made with multiple people?


I would upload an image to show you exactly what is doing, but when I tried ti paste a screenshot here, it says I do not have permission to upload images.


Ok even stranger!


I checked the Clip I made with the Zoom app and noticed the audio is Mono only.  So I wondered if my other videos were failing because they were Stereo audio. I created a new clip using OBS just in mono. Uploaded it to the Channel. It still did not work - it still shows as a download you have to do before you can play it, even though the test was less than 1mb file size.


So then I tried uploading the file to the channel channel with my name. It appeared as an Embedded video that can play in that channel.


Then... I used Share to send the video to the Channel that has multiple people.

And it worked. The Shared video from my own chat channel, appears as an Embedded video playable in the channel.


This has to be a big bug Zoom. This needs to be fixed.