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Student on Mac cannot type into shared Word Doc


Hi! I am a private tutor who has been working on Zoom for 3 years. We work on verbal and written receptive and expressive language skills, so writing main ideas and word summaries are a critical piece of the work I do with my students with expressive language issues. I have always been able to open a word document and share the screen with my student and work on and edit paragraphs together. I currently have a student who, even after I give her remote control, cannot type on the word document I have open on her Mac laptop. We have issues on the whiteboard as well, she cannot click her mouse on the tools and use the mairkers as all my other students can. Are there some sort of permissions her parents need to set up in Zoom? Like I said, this is not an issue I have with any other students, either on PCs or Macs--it is specific to this client. HAAAALP!!! She needs to be able to write during out sessions!!!