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Self-joining Breakout Rooms


The steps to self-join a breakout room are simple enough: click Breakout Rooms and them click Join beside the desired room.  The problem comes when 50 participants are selecting from a list of 10 rooms (for example).  Each room auto-expands to show who has joined so far, causing the various Join buttons to bounce around.  For the remaining participants, selecting a room is nearly impossible as they are literally trying to hit a moving target.  Does anyone know a way around this?

My suggestion to Zoom: Do not expand the room lists as participants join. If a participant wants to see who is in a room before joining, let him click the dropdown button manually.



Hey @Dorci, is it possible to mind sharing a screen capture of what you're experiencing without exposing any PII.


Thanks for the feedback! If you would like, you can submit any feedback to 

Zoom Community Moderator

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Hi wondering if you can help me understand why something happened when having participants self select. I have the large meeting add on and set up 30 rooms for approx 267  ppl to self register. Around 200 were able to self register and join and the remaining 67 were not able to join a room.  They would select join and nothing would happen. Please help me understand what happened so I can avoid this issue next time.