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Newbe needs help


Hello I just loaded Zoom as a free user account. I cannot figure anything out on my own I need some help please. 

First what I would like to do is, make some video phone calls. I would like to call a person and interview them for 15-30 minutes and record the interview to later place on my facebook page.  I have a landline telephone and can use a desktop computer, or do I have to use  a smart phone and the zoom app? 

Is this possible using zoom? Thank you


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@LBS1 Welcome to Zoom!


So for what you are describing, you will want to set up Zoom meetings with the participants which will give you audio and video through your computer.  When you have the meeting going, click on the record button and it will record your conversation locally to your computer.  You can then use the recordings that are generated to post to Facebook or elsewhere.


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