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Local recording not found


This morning, I recorded a Zoom meeting locally.  The initial recording was interrupted, so I stopped recording.  Then, I began a 2nd local recording.  When I closed the meeting, I received a "recording failed to convert" message.  I am now only able to find the initial, interrupted meeting recording in the remote default folder on my computer.  I was able to convert this file manually.


My Zoom version is 6.0.2.  The Zoom session included a shared video in a split screen with a deaf interpreter.  Is there a reason that the 2nd recording would not be in the default folder? 


I did find a cloud recording that includes only the shared video.  Though I was sure that I used the record to this computer button, is it possible I accidentally record to the cloud?  If so, I don't understand why I would have received the failed to convert message when I closed the meeting.