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Live Camera shows my image upside down superimposed over camera off photo


This is quite bizarre.

When my camera is on, it shows me UPSIDE DOWN, superimposed over an old photo I used for when the camera was turned off. 

I tried deleting the Zoom app & reinstalling from scratch.  Problem still exists. It seems to be different if I select a zoom link someone sends vs signing onto Zoom separately & inputting the join code & password.

At one point I tried signing up from scratch again but chose a "secret" email they suggested to hide my real email. So maybe I actually have two accounts?  BUT, I don't know how to access the zoom that is associated with the "private" cloud email that was suggested to delete that account, if that is the problem.

Any suggestions? Help MOST APPRECIATED!!!   Bless you! 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello @SpaceCoastZoom7 ,


I can generally say that this issue with your camera orientation is likely not an issue with the Zoom software as it does not provide the functionality to "flip" your camera upside-down.


In order to give you better assistance can you provide a few details:


What OS ( operating system) are you currently using

When was the last time you updated your OS?

What is the version of the Zoom client

Your camera type: USB Cam (Brand/Model) or integrated camera in the computer/laptop.

Any other software you may be using with your camera: OBS, Skype, Teams, etc


Hello Newl,

Thank you for your reply!  I'll try to respond with as much info as possible:


- I'm using a 14" MacBook Pro (M1 Pro chip)

- It's currently running Ventura 13.2.1. I haven't updated it recently. Ventura has a few bugs I've noticed, - (like not always opening all previous windows upon restart/turning on, so have to restore windows from previous session).

- The camera is the one integrated on the laptop. There's no additional software controlling the camera.

- I don't know how to ascertain the version of the Zoom client. I just have the basic version to be able to join zoom meetings.


My previous old laptop (also a MacBook Pro) was running High Sierra, I think. Zoom ran fine on it.

It started having issues but the only authorized Apple repair place in town said it was "vintage" and they couldn't fix it. (The needed repair parts aren't made anymore, so they said I'd have to go to a third party vendor/tech company to get it worked on. Ah, planned obsolescence!)


Zoom did originally work on this laptop. I [think] it came with Monterey, but after upgrading to Ventura may have been when the Zoom oddities showed up.


Thank you for your help, any information is appreciated!





Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @SpaceCoastZoom7 ,


Thank you for taking the time to provide those the extra details!


MacOS Ventura did bring with it some new features (Continuity Camera) when running applications that used a camera.


Normally I would first suggest that you reset, the PRAM on your Mac, but as you are running an MBP with an M1 chip, that is not necessary as it has NVRAM and automatically checked during a normal boot up. More Info 


Uninstall and reinstall the Zoom application

You said that you deleted the zoom app, but unfortunately, that doesn't remove all of the other parts of a zoom application from your Mac. It is very possible to have old software mixed with the new software. Please follow this Zoom guide linked below on how to uninstall and reinstall zoom.


Uninstalling and reinstalling the Zoom application


I hope that this provides the information you need, reply if you have any further questions. Otherwise, consider marking this post a "Accept as Solution" so other Zoom Community members may find this solution as well!





Thank you, Newl ,


I've been in the hospital the last week so haven't yet tried the Zoom removal & install info you provided. I will do that now. If it is successful, I will mark the issue  as resolved so others can also benefit from your expertise. 

Thanks again!