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Issue with requiring generating meeting reports




I hope you can help with an issue I'm experiencing with registering Zoom participants. My organization is requiring reports to be generated for all participants for every Zoom meeting. I understand that in order for reports to be generated, registration must first be required for each participant. 


However, I see that registration is not something I can automatically apply to each meeting, but I instead have to choose for each meeting. Is there a way to automatically apply it so I don't have to remember for each meeting?

Additionally, I see that I can only require registration on the web portal for Zoom, and not on my Zoom application. This also creates further difficulty for meeting hosts who will have to login online to schedule every meeting, instead of being able to do so on their desktop app.


Thanks for your help!



Hi there,


Meeting reports are available without registration. Go to the web-portal -> reports.
Or if you are an admin -> account settings -> active hosts

Meetings with registration, you are correct. can only be setup via the web-portal.  
However you can save the meeting as a template, and select the template when scheduling a meeting (also with the custom questions with registration options)