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Index of video recordings


Hi, internally we do a lot of sharing. But then when the recording is made, it's too difficult to track down the and passcode.


Ideally we opt into an index of past "shared" recordings like so:


Is that possible to do?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @kaihendry.


I don't think what you're asking is really possible.  Sharing the Zoom Cloud recordings isn't normally done to large groups other than the attendees.  They CAN be set up without a password, but one is set up by default.  You can even manually set the password, so everyone that should access them only has to remember one password.


I use DropBox, which copies the files over to my DropBox account where I can share them out easily.  It doesn't use the nice player that Zoom provides, though.


If you can describe a reasonable user case for this, you might consider a Feature Request to Zoom:


Submit Feature Request here: 

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