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How do you cast your audio to the TV?


When using chromecast to cast a webinar to a TV... How do you cast the audio with the video? In every instance I know of the audio only plays from the casting device and not through the TV speakers... 


Community Moderator | Employee
Community Moderator | Employee

Hey @Danno, Zoom offers a microphone configuration and audio output configuration. However, it seems like there's a limitation to sending audio to the TV. There's a couple of workarounds for this that may help you. 

  1. Cast screen to TV, and connect audio to any Bluetooth device you may have to laying around. You have the speaker icon on the Zoom app to enable or disable the functionality.
  2. If on a computer, you can use the Web Client (not Zoom application) and open the meeting via Chrome browser on a computer which you can cast the tab to your TV. 

For future possibilities with Chromecasting your Zoom meeting, you can submit any feedback you have to


Hope this helps! 

Zoom Community Moderator

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I'm using a Chromecast device with my phone which does the same thing as casting with the Chrome browser. Too much hassle to have to connect a cable to the audio.. Thanks! 

It's been over 2 years since this was asked. Surely this could be applied to an update

Don't have a Bluetooth audio device. The TV already has sound,  Zoom is the only app that doesn't allow sound with casting. There is no screen cast option.  Screen share does not get sound to the TV, just the picture, the chrome cast already does that. Doesn't matter if connecting with web client or with zoom. So frustrating. I wish the little cast icon was in the Zoom app. 


Another workaround is to connect your PC to your Smart TV via an HDMI cable and all video/audio works great with the TV.

Too much hassle to have to connect a cable to the audio.. Thanks! 

This is probably the best option,  however,  I only have a tablet and no cable long enough to enable use of mic, let alone be close enough where talking. If only Zoom put a cast button on the user options. 


Have you tried mirroring first before opening the Zoom App?

I have, still no sound. Frustrating isn't it.  Oh well.


Same problem here, can cast screen but not audio from my pixel 7 to chromecast.  Need wireless solution to mirror screen & sound to same device!


I don't understand why its hard for Zoom to allow sound to be casted to a smart TV? Could Zoom give this community an insight as to why this is restricted?


I had the same problem and even ZOOM support didn't have an answer except buy a bluetooth device.


However, I got the answer from another ZOOM user during a meeting. The answer is to click the arrow on the top right of the audio icon at the bottom left of the screen. It brings up a menu to select which microphone and speaker laptop source to use for the current ZOOM meeting. Selecting the TV device to which the video is cast switches audio to that device.  Apparently, ZOOM defaults to the internal laptop speaker initially, but can be switched as above.


Good luck!