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Help fixing a recording sharing glitch


Hi, there is an email address that I tried to confirm viewing one of my recordings (ID: 892 2106 5437). The user submitted a request under the email *********** and I approved it. According to the usual procedure, he should have received an email with a link to watch the recording.
Instead, the user did not receive any email and was even blocked from viewing the link I sent him under the claim that a request had already been submitted using the current email (while he is unable to confirm the request). I tried removing his permission and re-authorizing it again because it happened to me before and it helped. Unfortunately this time not only did it not help but I also get a notification that I cannot confirm the same email anymore as an authorized viewer of this recording.

It's my job and it really bothers me. Please fix it and contact me to update that it has been fixed. Thank you