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Discrepancy in Zoom account status


I had a private Zoom a count. I was asked to join a pro account and did. In my account it says I am a basic user and have a 40 minute limit. But I am supposed to be in a pro account. When I look to see about upgrading it says I have a pro account and cant upgrade. This is so aggravating.  Can I upgrade an account one day and the next downgrade it back again?  I need the account  to be working tomorrow for a 3 hour scheduled meeting. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello. I'm sorry you are having issues. Here is what I suggest.  Do you still have your Basic/Free account and a Pro account, or do you only have one account? Zoom accounts are based on email addresses. Any chance you have two accounts and are accessing them with two different emails?  

I would sign out of the Zoom web portal if you are signed in. I would also sign out of the Zoom app on your computer. Now, sign back into the app using the email for the Pro account. After signing in, click your profile picture in the top right, and make sure it reads License (#1).  See screenshot. If that did not work, any chance you have another email associated with your Pro account?

Also, sign into the Zoom Web portal and ensure it reads License. A 2nd screenshot. 


I hope this helps. If this resolves your issues, please click Accept as Solution