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Changed a recurring webinar to fixed date and lost all registration




i had a webinar of 6 days and important amount of registrations to follow up, but didnt know that i would lose the registration if the webinar changed from recurring to fixed date.


is there a way to restore the registration ? i tried to switch it back as advised in some articles or to change the webinar etc but never was able to find it again nor it is shown in deleted meetings\webinars.


i completely lost the previous registration and was trying to contact zoom without luck.


any help  or advise ? 



I understand the frustration of losing all registrations after changing a recurring webinar to a fixed date. Unfortunately, when altering a recurring event to a one-time fixed date, it can result in a loss of registrations due to the structural changes in the event setup.

To mitigate such issues in the future, here are a few steps to consider:

1. **Communicate Changes in Advance:** Notify registered participants about the change well in advance via email or any communication channel available. This can help mitigate the surprise and re-engage participants.

2. **Provide Support for Re-registration:** Encourage individuals to re-register for the newly scheduled fixed date. Provide an easy and direct way for them to sign up again, ensuring they don't miss out on the updated event.

3. **Learn from the Experience:** Use this situation as a learning opportunity. Understand the platform or software's limitations regarding recurring events and fixed dates, and establish best practices for managing future events.

4. **Backup Registrant Information:** If possible, before making significant changes, save or export the registration data to safeguard against unexpected loss. This can be used to re-import the registrants if needed.

5. **Offer Apologies and Incentives:** Apologize for the inconvenience caused and consider offering incentives or special benefits to those who need to re-register, such as exclusive content or early access.

It's unfortunate that the transition resulted in a loss of registrations, but with proper communication, support, and a strategy to manage the transition, it's possible to mitigate the impact and regain participation for the rescheduled event.