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Cannot stop blur


I have turned off the blur in my video filters and have signed out and back in, but my background is always blurred. Is this caused by some other setting?


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Hi @mckittcl! I know it has been a while since you initially posted, but I want to make sure you receive assistance. Are you still having this issue? If so, I'd love to help you get it resolved.

I've been having this same problem for the last couple months. Zoom always starts with blur enabled. I can diable it during the meeting (it's always the first thing I do, as I NEVER use blur), or even do it in settings. It doesn't matter how, because as soon as I leave the Zoom meeting it is reste to blur again.

Yes. I still have the issue. Blur is not set in settings or in effects. It also is not blurred on any other app - gmail chat, etc.




I'm not associated with Zoom or anything, but have been searching high and low for a solution. Is it possible you're using MacOS? If so, I've heard of a 'feature' of FaceTime that can interfere with Zoom re blurring backgrounds.

I have the same issue with a pc

Can not get blurred background to go away!



Hi, Sorry to ask but I have the same problem, I can't get the blurring to stop. How can I turn it off?

I never got it fixed on that laptop. It was under warranty so I had to have a new laptop shipped - it was an internal camera issue. I hope yours is easier to fix then that was! 

Did you ever got this fixed?