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Breakout room recording


Hello, I am trying to find out a way to record the meeting when I use a breakout room.

For instance, I want to record both

1. a conversation among all participants

2. sets of conversation between participants when they are distributed to different breakout rooms.


How can I do this?

Also, am I required to be in the zoom meeting room if I want to record the meeting? Or is there a way that I can set the room in a way that meetings will be recorded automatically?
Please let me know.

Thank you!


Community Champion | Employee
Community Champion | Employee

Recording in breakout rooms is only possible when someone is in that room directly and recording locally. If the host is in another room or the main session, the host would need to give one of the breakout room participants the ability to record locally to capture that room's audio and video. 

When co-hosts are in a their breakout rooms, can they self select to record their rooms or do they still need to be allowed to record by the host? If the latter, can the session host  - when still in the main session - allow co-hosts to record their breakouts before they go into breakout, or does the host need to go into each breakout room and allow the co-hosts to record their breakouts?

I was just looking into this for my choir as it returns to Zoom rehearsals with sectional breakouts and conclude the following:
Recording Breakout Rooms
Zoom does not allow a single account to record more than one stream at a time to the cloud storage although it does allow the same account to be logged in multiple times and each can record to local storage. 
  1. I came across this procedure that can allow a single computer to record multiple breakouts locally but it may be challenging for the computer, its internet connection and the operator. If the system crashes, all is lost!
  2. "If you need to record all of your breakout rooms, it is recommended to give individuals the ability to record and designate someone as the videographer for their room." Recording a Zoom breakout room, University of Iowa Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology. Depends on each section videographer but one crash or forget loses only one breakout room recording. More logistics involved in gathering the recordings than for (1); compiling and posting effort probably the same. An alternative to putting breakout rooms up on the website would be for each section videographer to make their recording available to their section members by whatever means. 
  3. I suppose we could attempt both approaches with (1) as primary and (2) as backup