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Best hardware setup for children's homes in Kenya


I run a non-profit organization that provides internet connections for children's homes in Kenya, allowing them to receive free weekly yoga classes via Zoom, conducted by a team of volunteers.


Currently, we use donated iPad devices, which, while small, have been quite impactful.


I am now exploring long-term solutions to improve this setup. Here are some options I've considered:

  1. Google Chromecast: The issue here is the lack of a native app.
  2. Android TV Box: Similar issue with no native app.
  3. Raspberry Pi: Concerns about the quality and increasing costs.
  4. Cheaper Tablet: Plugging it into a larger screen could work, but the camera quality is poor, so we would need to purchase an additional webcam. Also worried how long will zoom work on a cheap tablet for?
  5. Logitech Rally Bar: Excellent quality but far too expensive.

I am open to any suggestions for the best setup. Ideally, it should be cost-effective while providing a reliable experience. I am particularly concerned about the longevity and reliability of solutions like side-loading an Android app onto an Android TV.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



I use the Samsung A8 Tablet. Brilliant screen, sound and camera quality. Available at 180€

Thanks, I was wondering how is the front facing camera on this?