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Attendees for new meeting don't get email notification (MacOS Sonoma 14.1.1)


When I schedule a new meeting and provide email addresses for my attendees, I expect them to get a robot-generated email invitation. They do not. And when I select "iCal" under "Calendar", I expect them to get a calendar invitation. They do not. Why? Might I have missed a critical preference setting or option?


How can I troubleshoot this?


I’m using the current latest Zoom version on MacOS Sonoma 14.1.1.



Same here. Zoom needs to fix this.


We are experiencing the same problems for Zoom Client Version: 5.16.10 (25689) on latest version of Monterey 12.72.  

2-step work around: I have been walking endusers to save the iCal invites and add attendees in the invite and send it out from there.  


Hi @bllewell @AllanC @ADSTUDIO welcome to the community! I wanted to clarify on the "Attendees" field when creating a meeting. Where you are seeing "Attendees", you will need to enter the email or name of participants that you want to invite to your event. 


Note: This requires configuring the calendar and contacts integration with Zoom; therefore, if that is not setup, per the KB on Scheduling meetings, I don't believe those attendees will be getting your meeting invitation.


If you prefer not using the calendar and contacts integration, here are other ways to Inviting others to join a meeting

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Why would this feature be added to zoom if it does not work out of the box. I understand that there is a need to configure calendar integration, but why would you have this option there. Imagine creating a meeting for the first time and no one shows up to your meeting. This is happened to me because I did not realize that zone even though it gave me a place to put an email no one received notification of the meeting and this is through the web interface. I would say this is poor engineering. At least make it obvious to the person creating the meeting that these invite would not be going out so they can either configure the calendaring option or send them out manually through an email. Not sure how you could respond this way without admitting that this is a serious user experience issue.