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300M Zoom users NEED multi-PC login in today's working environment. Here's why.



PC's are dirt cheap.  Most people have both home offices and work offices with multiple devices at hand, each with its own capabilities.  Currently, logging into a new PC logs the User out of any other PC.  Why?  Both logins were validated.  The User wanted both.  Why force the User out of other devices?  I'd really appreciate it if you would allow Users to determine when they want to log-in or log-out of any particular device.  


Accessibility comes in different forms for different Users.   A historic number of modern executives, managers, and individual contributors are working online instead of in shared offices and conference rooms.  Even those meeting in person use Zoom to include people that are traveling. 


Scenario 1 - leaving my desktop to go to a conference room with my laptop

  • On workhorse PC, logged into Zoom.  Temporarily leave from my office with a laptop to meetings, forced to log in to Zoom on laptop (because office PC had the ball before), thereby automatically logging out of my PC.  Return to my office, must log in again to desktop to use Zoom, thereby logging out of my laptop again.  Who benefits from this?

Scenario 2

  • In my office, I want to use TWO PC's in the same meeting, serving different purposes.  What Users want is to make their own choices between tradeoffs such as:
  1. Tied to the wired Ethernet < > Wireless only (desire to use BEST connection to host meetings)
  2. Touch-screen/pen enabled < > Traditional touch-pad/mouse (pens best for interactive drawing on screen content and brainstorming)
  3. Connected to large monitor < > Small stand-alone screen (big monitors for personal viewing shared content, multiple windows)
  4. Applications on a PC or Tablet < > OTHER applications on another PC or Tablet

Perhaps I have one PC that is better purposed to HOSTING and other better purposed to CAMERA/Mic.

Perhaps I have one PC with a big screen to view multiple windows, and another with a more stable wired internet.

Perhaps the PC I use to host is different than the PC that has the software I want to share screen with.


I'd really appreciate it if you would allow Users to determine when they want to log-in or log-out of any particular device. 


Thank you anyone that took the time to read, consider, add to, or respond.





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Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @Riversofbelief,


Allow multiple devices per user is a setting that can be enabled for an enterprise customer.  You would need to reach out to your CSM to discuss getting this enabled.  


By default this is off to mitigate against login sharing among users which is a violation of our EULA.


We allow a user to be signed into a computer, tablet, and phone at the same time.  If you need more than one computer, contact your account team.


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Hi Dan_ZoomSE,


Although your answer focuses on the fact that 2 PCs can indeed be connected to the same Zoom call, it also ignores most of the question's points. Multi-device is not well supported and could be greatly improved.


Time after time I see community support virtually arguing with customers instead of listening to the feedback and implementing improved products. I'd really like to see a "we're working on it" once in a while.

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee


Thank you for your feedback.  We are not trying to argue with the Community. 


In this specific case, we DO allow users to be signed into more than one computer at a time, but it is not readily available and requires discussing with your Zoom Account team to get enabled.



Glad to hear that. Specifically what drew me to this post was the Tablet/PC piece. It's not well supported to use camera/mic on a tablet and everything else on a PC. Yes, you can join in on both meetings and be duplicated users but it's just not convenient. That's what I mean by not well supported.

It is still unclear to me why being logged in to two computers is such a concern. My use case (for which I opened a ticket years ago) is that I schedule my meetings from my laptop, given that is where I have Outlook, but I work and take meetings from a desktop. So I keep disconnecting myself for every meeting I take and for every meeting I schedule. 

Your current rule is that I can be logged in to three devices at a time, but they have to be different "types" of devices.  How is allowing being logged in from 2 PCs any different? In the end, what I am sure you want to control for EULA compliance is that the same user is not running two meetings at the same time.

Thank you Dan for responding so quickly!  Glad to hear there is a path.  Two follow-ups please?
The Zoom page I linked in my original post... the one that led me to respond, said: 

 "Can I use Zoom on multiple devices?  Last Updated: December 11, 2021  You can be signed in to Zoom on one computer, one tablet, and one phone at a time. If you sign into an additional device while logged into another device of the same type, you will be logged out automatically on the first device. "
Please consider the following items for follow-up?
  1. Update the linked post so that it is more accurate with what you just shared with me, as it is incomplete and doesn't describe a path to success to the question.
  2. Help us be successful with our ask by providing (here and there) the exact steps to get the feature enabled, so we don't assume the CSM we reach out to knows all the steps at some future date.
    • Is this something a User can ask for, or is it the main client IT account manager the User is under that has to ask?
    • Exactly what and how to frame our ask to be successful?
    • Any implications of the change
    • Is it a required ask for each user, or for the entire Enterprise at once, or are both are possible?
Thanks again

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@Riversofbelief ,


1) I will share your feedback with our documentation team.  

2) You can reach out to your organizations Zoom Admin (typically IT) and they can get in touch with their Account Team (Sales, CSM, SE, TAM) at Zoom to discuss.  There is not currently a way to restrict this to specific users, it would apply to the entire Enterprise account if enabled.


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I have this issue as well.  As others have described, I have a desktop and I a laptop.  Sometimes Iuse my laptop for personal work and AS SOON AS I open the computer, it logs me out of my desktop.  It's incredibly annoying as your password screen doesn't link with my saved PW's in MacOS Safari so I need to manually type it in.  


It may seem a small thing but it's incredibly annoying and disrupting to workflow.


You say to talk to your Admin, but I have an individual account, not an enterprise account and work with our contractors, who also have individual accounts and/or free accounts.


My experience with Teams is I don't have this issue.  There are other things with Teams I don't like but this is annoying enough that it is leading me to switch when my subscription ends in 45 days.



IT IS TIME to for Zoom to allow Zoom users (especially the PAID users) to configure Office + Home Desktop Apps without having to constantly log back in every time they switch between home/office work locations!

Here's Why:
1) No one on the planet can deny that we Now live in a HYBRID (Work/Home) work environment! (And, what's so ironic is that ZOOM, of all companies, should know that better than and for longer than anyone.)
Thus, this ongoing Zoom Desktop client software limitation amounts to an inexplicable (and myopically “tone-deaf”) product feature deficiency within the Zoom client, ecosystem, DevOps and ultimately leadership.


2) It would be wholly different if the Zoom Desktop Client allowed users to auto-save our email/pw via Windows or a browser pw manager, but the Zoom Desktop App does NOT seem to allow a ubiquitous feature such as that). More shocking than that is the fact that the "Keep me signed in" checkbox at the login screen DOES NOT even do that...I does not keep the user signed in!

3) As a leader in online meetings remote communications and distributed workforce collaboration tools, @Zoom Video Communications is supremely aware that the modern desk-based and knowledge-based workforce has unequivocally and perhaps permanently crossed into the HYBRID work era! In fact, as a Shareholder, I can confidently say that Zoom's role, influence and benefits in driving the work-from-home shift during and since the Pandemic lockdowns have been monumental!

By its very definition, structure and design, Zoom’s Office/Home Hybrid model MUST account for and balance the home and office needs of it subscribers. Should it not?  And, so, adapting Zoom to this reality would not only enhance its relevance but also align the Company with the times that IT helped create and mainstream.

4) We, the 300M+ Users implore you to please fast track a Zoom sign-in protocol (or if necessary, a licensing update) that recognizes and adapts to these Home + Workplace realities. In my estimation, with its vast Software Development and DevOps resources, @Zoom Video Communications could accomplish this “in its sleep”, by putting 3 engineers on it for less than 2 days and you could test, beta and fully deploy this feature in under a month. Can you convince me that’s inaccurate?

No matter how you slice it, this SHOULD BE FIXED NOW!

Zealously, Loyally, but increasingly leaning toward better options,