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Webinar- panellist practice session- knowing how many people have joined before we go live


When panelist’s are in the practice session of a webinar, before we start the webinar is there a way to see how many people have already joined, almost like when you have the waiting room on a Zoom meeting? I appreciate when we start the webinar we will start seeing them appear under the participants, but I just wanted to know if this information is known before we start? Thanks 


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Hi there,


While in backstage or practice mode before starting the webinar it is possible to see the current number of live attendees. Just access the Participants panel in the webinar. You will see the number of current participants listed there.


Screenshot 2022-10-13 at 16.46.32.png


Please let me know if this answers your question by marking the question as solved.


Gary ZE