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Prevent panelists from ending practice sessions



We hosted a webinar and our panelist ended the practice session and some of the hosts and co-host did not realize, so the attendants were joining what it was meant to be the webinar practice. Is there a way to stop panelist starting the meeting from the practice session?

We also had some trouble letting her join her screen, we were told she had to be host or co-host to do so. Can we make sure all panelists have access to screen sharing by default?

Thanks for your help!!




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @UNAF.


Only Hosts and Co-Hosts have the blue Start Webinar button.  Don't make panelists Co-Host, and they won't be able to click the blue Start Webinar button.


Not sure what you meant by "trouble letting her join her screen".  If you mean she had trouble sharing her screen, make sure the Screen Sharing advanced options is set to allow Panelists to share their screen:



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