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I cannot edit a webinar to add another Co-Host


I am trying to add someone to a Zoom Webinar as a co-host. The webinar has already been set up and participants are signed up so I am editing the event. I cannot figure out why it won't allow me to add another co-host. Do they need to be added onto my account in some way? I would appreciate any sort of insights!


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Hi @mariaanne2099 ,

Please check this Knowledge Article on adding alternative hosts. Make sure all the prerequisites mentioned are fulfilled. Should the issue persist, feel free to open a ticket with our Support Team.

Happy Zooming!

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @mariaanne2099.


Co-Host are technically only added during a webinar... you make someone who is a Panelist a Co-Host.


@AnderV is on the right track... you add someone as Alt Host so they can start and/or attend the webinar on your behalf, and once joined, they are automatically designated as a Co-Host.  However, to add an Alt Host, they must be a Licensed (paid) user on the same account as you (sharing a common account owner).  "External" users (outside of your organization's account) and any internal users who are Basic (free) users aren't eligible to be an Alt-Host.

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