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Does Zoom offer any General or Professional Certifications ?


Hello All, 


Does Zoom offer any type of General or Professional Certifications ?  I haven't been able to find anything. I work in my university's IT department and would like to be able to better help our Zoom users and if had some credentials

that would lend more to my perceived value to them.  I was thinking in the area of Meetings and Webinars. Maybe that is too rudimentary for Certifications but I thought i would at least ask. 


Thanks, Glenn




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @glennjbrewster,


To my knowledge, there is no Zoom  certification process.  Practice, read up on Zoom Support articles, hang out here in the Zoom Community. Learn, know where to look for answers you don’t have, know where there are others who know a lot where you can get questions answered. 

Won’t be long before you’re the one helping others, here and at work!  Demonstrated knowledge is always more valuable to an employer than “just a certificate.”

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