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ZOOM APP Workona


"Select Location" <--- In attempting to post this, I looked for "apps" or "integrations" - and couldn't find anything. I chose "Meetings" as this is supposed to be useable IN meetings. First time posting, if somewhere else this may get a more informed response, please lmk. Ty.


WORKONA APP - Anyone else able to actually USE it w/ Zoom?


  • I LOVE Workona. I use the paid version (Zoom ALSO paid)
  • I typically use it in my Chrome/GoogleWorkSpace (also paid) account, signed in through browser, Workona in its own tab
  • ZOOM says (shows it) it is an available app to use ("app dock") during a Zoom Session



  • When I'm signed into Zoom (using desktop client or browser) and it (now) shows the "app dock" at side of zoom window, I can see the Workona app option & sign in, HOWEVER, when  I attempt to sign in, I go in circles:
    • zoom app dock shows workona
    • I click on it to "sign in"
    • It takes me to a BROWSER window/tab, tells me to sign into Workona
    • I attempt Workona sign-in
    • IT jumps to a ZOOM browser sign-in (WHY?????? I am already in an open Zoom session? I've already (several times) supposedly connected my Workona/Zoom IN the browser/main account)...
    • It does NOTHING else once I'm in the account via the browser...

And around and round I go.... posting here clearly in a not-great mood as: 1) I sold clients on both Workona AND Zoom (supposedly working together); 2) When I search "Workona" in the Zoom Community - it doesn't even show up. I'd like to think that the platforms offering services for our money actually have some kind of basic info loaded & shared, that it's not all dependent on the "community" to do the labor for the services we're paying for; 3) Fingers crossed someone else out here has come across this & hopefully has some answers... maybe even the powers that be at z.... 😉


"I curse the lessons and bless the knowledge." - Harlon Ellison (as far as I  know)


Thanks all!




i got a note (email) that og comment was moved/modified... but still don't know if it's working now? guess i'll try again 🙂