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I'm having issues with the whiteboard that I didn't have before it was updated.


1.  People in my meetings cannot see the whiteboard although my screen shows it is being shared.


2.  When I save it, it's a mess so has to be heavily reconfigured before I can share it.


3.  In the page preview function, only the first page shows there is content, but when you click on subsequent pages, the content is there.


I'd appreciate any tips/advice.  One short rant, why did Zoom change something that worked well to something that is more cumbersome and less effective?  


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi kate502,


according to whiteboard release notes, zoom updated zoom whiteboards on 10/23/2022.  did this update fix any of your issues?  

Release notes for Zoom Whiteboard – Zoom Support


this update provides:

Changes to existing features

  • Change to text formatting options 
    Users can see the text formatting options without clicking the text formatting button when editing text in shapes.
  • Change to line format and function
    Lines will now have similar format and editing behavior with connectors. Users will be able to drag lines, attach them to shapes, and use them as connectors.

New and enhanced features

  • User features
    • Enhancement to expanding the canvas space
      Users have the ability to expand the canvas by dragging objects to the left side or top of the screen.
    • Ability to show, hide, or reopen resolved comments 
      Users have the option to show, hide or reopen comments that have been previously marked as resolved.
    • Bulk whiteboard management 
      Users can delete, restore, lock or unlock, and star or unstar multiple whiteboards at once. Users now also have the option to leave multiple whiteboards that were shared to them, rather than leaving each individual Whiteboard This only works on My Whiteboards, Shared with Me, and Trash tab.
    • Kanban feature support 
      Users can add a kanban table that can be used to help them run projects and track progress of their work.
    • Additional shapes 
      Additional shapes are available for Whiteboard including more basic shapes, flowchart symbols, UML symbols, and equations.
    • Text objects and shapes adjustment 
      When font size is set to auto, resizing the text or shape object will scale the font size to fit the available space. If the user explicitly sets the font size, the font size will not change regardless of how large or small the user resizes the object.
    • Real-time updating for text box 
      When users type a text in a text box, the text box width automatically adjusts to fit the text completely.
    • Enhancement to inserting sticky notes, text boxes and lines 
      Users can insert sticky notes, text boxes, and lines easily by dragging objects from the toolbar and dropping to the canvas.
    • Enhanced collaboration cursors
      Users can see other people working on the same Whiteboard when their cursors appear as they move their mouse, even without clicking on the canvas. Up to 10 active cursors can be displayed at a time.
    • Enhancement to table controls 
      Table controls in Whiteboard have been improved to support copy-pasting, keyboard shortcuts, multiple line operation, multiple selection, improved accessibility and navigation of tools, and more.
    • Control points within connector objects 
      When creating connector lines between objects, users can create control points by dragging the control point handles, or remove control points by double clicking the mid points for straight, curved, or elbow connectors to outline the specific path needed in the diagram.
    • Gap guidelines between objects 
      When resizing objects, dimension lines will appear to provide equal spacing between objects.
    • New Whiteboard cards 
      The new Card object in the toolbar enables the users to capture and display more detailed information effectively. The new card is rectangular in shape and includes title, description, assignee, due date, and color selection fields. Additionally, each Card can be expanded to reveal the description field and other details, and can be connected to other shapes using connector lines.
    • Duplicate a whiteboard from within the board 
      The Duplicate Board option is also available in the More menu when users click the ellipsis icon.

Resolved issues

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Security enhancements