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Log in issues


My wife has a paid account, I do not.  when joining a meeting I am automatically signed in under my wifes account.  Even when I am logged into my account I will still be signed in as her to any meeting I join.  Help


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @MikeLiddicoat,


Zoom’s Client software and web site interface all attempt to find an existing login to Zoom on the device being used. If your wife is signed in, even if she is not actively using the software or on a Zoom web page, it will use the information from her account. 

Here do you know if she is logged in? Simply navigate to and if there’s a blue “My Account” button, she is logged in.



To log her out, click the blue My Account button, and in the next page click the icon highlighted here (her image will be different, but it’ll be in the same place) and click the Sign Out menu.


After this you should see this screen:


A Basic account is free, and I’d recommend you get your own account. That way you can set up your own Display Name which will appear whenever you join a meeting – provided you are logged in.   You can click the Sign Up Free button above to register for an account. Then if your wife is signed and you log her off, you can click the Sign In menu to get yourself logged in 

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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Thank you.  I know for a fact she is not logged in on my computer.  The issue I am having just started happening in the last couple weeks.  Prior to that we have been using zoom almost weekly for the last 2 years with no issue.  I make sure she is not logged in on my computer and I make sure to log into my account on my computer before entering a meeting.  With that I still have the same issue.  If we are both on the same meeting, which is most of the time, on separate computers, it still occurs.  Any thoughts?