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Cannot Expand the reply button in chat


Hi there,


Whenever a reply has been posted in a group chat and initally looked at, the reply dropdown doesnt seem to work to expand the replies to a message. This is across all devices and turning/logging on and off does not fix this.  In the attached picture this means when you click on the blue " 1 Reply" button, a new line to reply appears but not whatever the previous message was. Any solutions?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @AKhalil,


Please can you confirm the following information?


  • Operating System (MacOS, Windows)
  • Zoom Client version
  • Are you accessing Zoom via a VDI client (Citrix, Vmware Horizon, etc)?




I have the exact same question. Why can't I see previous replies.... 



Hey guys, did you ever find a solution for this problem? In our company we observe the same effect.  Especially if users use Zoom desktop (Windows 10 latest release) in combination with the Zoom App (Android 8-10) the chat responses (within a thread) can not be expanded.  This is quite annoying...

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi everyone! To all community members arriving at this thread and encountering the same chat issue, please try the following steps to get the old installation cleared and get Zoom reinstalled and working for you.

Run CleanZoom to remove Zoom completely

To remove Zoom completely, including any configuration filesrun CleanZoom on your device.

  1. Download and run CleanZoom.
    Note: Use of the clean uninstaller will completely remove the Zoom desktop client, as well as the Zoom plugin for Outlook. The Outlook add-in, Chrome/Firefox extensions, and Google Workspace add-on are unaffected.

Reinstall the Zoom app

  1. Download Zoom from our download center and reinstall
  2. Reboot your device



Uninstall Zoom version 4.4.53932.0709 and higher

  1. Open the Zoom desktop application.
  2. Select at the top of your screen and select Uninstall Zoom.
  3. Select OK to confirm uninstalling the Zoom desktop application and all of its components.


Uninstall Zoom version 4.4.53909.0617 and below

  1. Open Finder.
  2. Select Go at the top of your screen.
  3. Select Go to Folder...
  4. Once opened, input ~/.zoomus/
  5. Move ZoomOpener to your trash.
  6. Once completed, repeat steps 3 through 5 for the following folders and files:
    • Folder: /Applications/ Move to Trash:
    • Folder: ~/Applications/ Move to Trash:
    • Folder: /System/Library/Extensions/ Move to Trash: ZoomAudioDevice.kext
    • Folder: ~/Library/Application\ Support/ Move to Trash:
      : Zoom may not be installed in both the /Applications and ~/Applications folders.

Reinstall the Zoom app

  1. Download Zoom from our download center and reinstall
  2. Reboot your device


I hope this helps!

Zoom Community Team

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