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I set up zoom scheduler, so that customers could book into different meeting slots. I had it set where attendees would get an automatic booking confirmation email and I would also get an automatic email to say a slot had been taken. Up until this morning, it has been working well. All of a sudden, it has stopped working. The attendees are not getting a booking email and neither am I.  They still get an SMS, but not an email which has the zoom details in it. None of the emails are going into spam either, so it seems they are just not sending at all. 


I haven't changed any of the settings, and I've tried to get in touch with zoom over phone, live chat and by submitting a ticket, but I haven't got anywhere. When I was setting up the scheduler it didn't say there was a limit on emails and I can't find anything in my plan information that suggests there is a limit on the number of automatic emails sent either. Has anyone had this issue before please?  


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @EG123 welcome to the community! 👋 I see your Support Ticket with our Zoom Support team has been closed because you were able to re-integrate all of the sessions and believe this resolved your issue! 

Zoom Community Moderator

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