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Zoom Rooms Alerts and Issue Reporting Discrepancies


Hi Zoom Friends!

We have a few hundred Zoom Rooms that my team monitors for issues and that we act quickly to repair if they are hardware or network related. When a Zoom Room has an Issue, it triggers an Alert which my team receives via a Slack integration. We currently export a report of all Zoom Alerts to an outside data warehouse to do additional analysis on our system.

We see a higher number of Alerts in our exported report than we do in our Zoom Dashboards across the same time period and room selection.

  1. Why might there be a discrepancy between the number of Alerts that we see in the  exported report compared to the number that we see in our Zoom Rooms Dashboard?
  2. Does Zoom Dashboard auto filter some alerts?
    1. If Zoom Does auto filter some Alerts, where can we see and adjust these filters so we can understand the delta in our data?