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Virtual Workspace?


We currently have several Zoom Rooms and are using Workspace Reservations with that.


We have a number of hot desks we want to add to the Workspace Reservation system.  It's a BYOD situation where the staff will bring their own laptop and do their work there and will not be using any zoom products from that location. 


I've set up workspaces as "Reservation Only Room" that are not associated with any device but when reserving the system prompts Require Meeting Passcode.  Additionally, on the dashboard, it shows as critical health with zoom room being offline. 


I'm probably missing a key concept here.  We don't need the staff to "check into" the spot just reserve it for use,.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello, @Gerral 


Reservation only rooms are intended for cases where a "Zoom Rooms (for shared spaces)" is reserved.
However, it can also be used independently, so warnings on the dashboard can be ignored.

When a reservation only room is used with Workspace Reservation, the passcode entry field is a product specification and cannot be changed by the user.
If you have made the meeting passcode mandatory in the meeting settings of your organization account, you will also be required to enter the passcode in Workspace Reservation.
In your use case, the passcode has no meaning, so you can enter whatever you want.
If you want to reserve a WORKSPACE without entering a meeting passcode, you can set the Workspace Type to Desk.


Managing a workspace's basic information – Zoom Support